How to Find the Best Video Editor (that doesn’t seem to exist)


Updated Apr 18, 2023

Image of how to edit for youtube videos

A Simple Guide for Anyone Looking for the Best Video Editor

You might have tried using freelancer websites to hire a video editor. How many applicants have you received? Probably too many. Regardless of the level of rate or complexity, there are plenty of video editors who would tell you that they can do the work.

However, what you are looking for is not just a random video editor, right? You want to find the best video editor for your videos. Even if you hire the most recommended or popular editor, you might find the quality of work quite disappointing. And here is why.

Each genre or style is a different language for a video editor. An editor with vast experience in vlogs doesn’t necessarily do well with talking head videos. An editor who is excellent with long-form videos might have no experience with short-form videos. An editor who is great with fashion videos may have no interest in editing sports videos. An editor’s skillset is not as diverse or versatile as many seem to believe.

So then, how do you find the best editors? First, ask editors to apply with past works that are similar to your reference videos - not their whole portfolio but only with the ones that match with your reference videos. This is to ensure that the editor has relevant experience.

Second, ask editors to do a sample work. The sample work can be just a 1–2 min long video. It could be just the intro part or the part that you are the most concerned about. The sample work will still require a serious-minded applicant to spend 4–5 hours. It will test their skills as well as commitment.

Third, keep the communication going for a week or two. As much as editing skills are important, communication is sometimes even more important. What if you need the last minute revision? What if you want something over the weekend? Make sure the editor is responsive. It’s like having a reliable friend who’s always there when you need them.

It is quite ironic that it is difficult to find the perfect video editor when you receive hundreds of applicants. That’s often the reason why clients come to us ( We have a vast spectrum of experience, particularly with content creators. We also offer a free trial so that you can test us. Most of all, we are always open to communicate whether you are starting to work with us or you need to make changes to your videos at midnight. See if the candidate you are considering also offer these options.

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