How to Use AI Tools for Content Creators


Updated Apr 27, 2023

Image of how to edit for youtube videos

Achieve Longer Watch Time and Greater Connection with Viewers

There is a new AI-driven tool every day making the life of content creators easier. Who doesn’t use ChatGPT for scriptwriting? NotionAI is a magical tool for completing a script. VidIQ has introduced various tools to search for ideas for content creators as well. For speech-to-text, ElevenLabs is very impressive. Also, if you’re not using Midjourney for your thumbnails, you might already be far behind the competition, right? Even for video editing, you can use AI-powered tools such as RunwayML or Descript, as they can save you a lot of time on tedious tasks.

The problem is that content creators don’t have time to learn all these tools. Signing up on a new website doesn’t take long, but learning how to derive the results you want is a completely different matter. One day, we might be able to make a video with a set of AI tools in a few minutes. But will that video perform well? Perhaps the only audience the video will have is other AI bots?

The truth is that people binge-watch YouTube or TikTok videos not just to learn new facts. Viewers watch to learn how another person feels in a specific situation. They want to hear differentiated thoughts from people in different environments. Moreover, viewers want to know how the content creator came to believe in those opinions. It’s about sharing the content creator’s life or expertise with the audience. They want to connect with you, not with the AI tools you’ve used. As soon as viewers feel that the content is not genuine and cannot understand the context of the thoughts and opinions (perhaps because they were generated by AI?), audience retention drops.

Major content creators are not always experts in video editing. Video editing services like Vimerse create videos for content creators once they submit raw footage or a script. Content creators should focus on learning AI tools that help them develop a deeper understanding of their audience. What do they want to know, and how do they want me to present those ideas? Where is the gap in the content creation space that I can fill in? To answer these questions, content creators should communicate with their audience more frequently.

Discord just launched a new AI Chatbot that can help your community members in various ways. It can play interactive games, discover new things, and help you find new emojis! Content creators can experiment with AI tools to engage their community members. Joe Rogan started posting AI-generated content, just to illustrate how powerful they can be. They sound incredibly realistic and make the audience chill about the power of AI. This is a great way to start a conversation with your audience.

Share the experience you had with AI tools. Again, what viewers want is your differentiated opinions. Yes, content creators should learn AI tools to accelerate their content creation process. However, that is a very narrow way of thinking in this AI revolution. There are plenty of experts who are fully dedicated to integrating AI into the process, like Vimerse. Content creators should use AI tools to build more connections with their audience. This will lead to higher-quality idea generation, resulting in greater watch time and improved audience retention.

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